Zhe Xu, PhD


  • University of Washington, Seattle, WA 

           Ph.D., Computer Science & Engineering, 2015

           Advisors: Prof. Emanuel Todorov, Prof. Joshua Smith, and Prof. Yoky Matsuoka (former)
           Dissertation: Design and Control of an Anthropomorphic Robotic Hand: Learning Advantages From                              the Human Body & Brain

  • University of Hawaii at Manoa, Honolulu, HI

           Master of Science, Bioengineering, 2007

  • China Agricultural University, Beijing, China

​           Bachelor of Engineering, with distinction, Mechanical Engineering, 2004

Research Experience

              -- Conducting research on the highly biomimetic robotic hand towards commercialization.

  • GRAB Lab, Yale University (April 2015 ~ February 2017)

           Post-doctoral Associate

               -- Designed, controlled and analyzed a novel, self-sufficient digital fabrication system with reconfigurable                       materials.

           Ph.D. student, Research Assistant

               -- Designed and controlled the anatomically corrected testbed (ACT) hand and the highly biomimetic                                anthropomorphic robotic hand.

           MS student, Research Assistant

               -- Designed, prototyped and controlled the Dusty robot. 

  • University of Hawaii at Manoa (August 2005 ~ May 2007)

           MS student, Research Assistant

               -- Designed and modeled a novel multi-airlifting membrane bioreactor based on hydrodynamic and cell                            cultivation experiments.  

  • National Key Laboratory, China Agricultural University (March 2003 ~ February 2004)

           Undergraduate student

               -- Designed and prototyped the inoculation machine.

Teaching Experience

  • CSE 352 - Hardware Design and Implementation, Spring 2014

           Teaching Assistant

  • CSE 344 - Introduction to Data Management, Fall 2013

           Teaching Assistant

  • ​CSE 414 - Introduction to Database Systems, Spring 2013

           Teaching Assistant

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